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Sorveteria Patinhas

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Pousada Portal da Barra

Localizada em frente à Praia da Barra, a Pousada Portal da Barra oferece uma piscina ao ar livre, salão de jogos e um café-da-manhã diário. Restaurantes, bares e lojas podem ser encontrados no centro de Marataízes, a 3 ... 0 Comments


In today's Sberbank almost nothing reminds of the savings banks, the functions it performs for a significant period of its history. But surprisingly different: Sberbank has little resemblance even to himself only ... 0 Comments

Breeze All Day Bar

Bar. Raise your glass and your spirits. The All Day Bar isn’t just for nights. It’s for every day and happy hours, too. We invite you to try a spirited cocktail in our ... 1 Comments

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